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May 9, 2024

Stoke-On-Trent Events

StokeonTrent events

Stoke-on-Trent is an engaging city with a bustling event calendar curated with only the most captivating happenings in mind.

If you are planning a large-scale event in Stoke-on-Trent, contact the Safety Advisory Group beforehand. They are there to ensure the safety of all those participating.

Cycling Networking – May Ride

Stoke-on-Trent is a city and unitary authority located in the West Midlands of England. Known as The Potteries, ceramics are its primary industry here and it houses laboratories of British Ceramic Research Association.

Trent and Mersey Canal runs through the heart of the city and provides local rail service. Additionally, There are numerous parks and green spaces throughout Trent, such as Wedgwood Park which contains the original Portland Vase as well as Elizabethan Ford Green Hall which now acts as a museum.

As well as its abundant parks and green space, the city also boasts numerous cultural and heritage sites, such as the Britannia Museum with its life-size replica of Titanic; Staffordshire Hoard (an archaeological treasure trove featuring artefacts from Roman Britain and Middle Ages); Staffordshire Museum & Art Gallery and Victoria Hall to name just two attractions.

This event gives participants an opportunity to connect with other like-minded individuals while exploring nature in a fun and unique manner. Participation is completely free and all cycling abilities are welcome – it’s the ideal way to discover Stoke on Trent in an original and exciting manner!

For music enthusiasts, this event provides the ideal chance to witness some of the finest musical acts around! Classic rock or contemporary pop, you will find everything here; plus it is family-friendly so bring along everyone in your party!

Transportation Alternatives of New York hosts its annual 100% free TA Bike Month challenge every May in NYC – and UNHQ Staff Union’s Micromobility Advocacy Group and UNDSS Bike Club are participating this year, along with Permanent Missions from Romania and Latvia as well as UNSRC to promote participation by UN community members!

Stoke-on-Trent is known as “the city of six towns”, though its official name is Stoke-on-Trent. It comprises former towns such as Burslem, Hanley, Fenton, Longton and Stoke-upon-Trent as well as small settlements like Kidsgrove and Alsager which form part of its conurbation.

Circus Starr

Recently, an unusual circus show descended upon town. Rather than just touring like any traditional circus would, however, this particular performance is unique in that profits from every performance go directly towards further social good – with over PS1.3 million worth of free tickets being given away every year to children from underprivileged or disabled households.

That figure speaks volumes of community businesses’ willingness to assist – not only financially but by making events accessible. Through their network of charities and support organisations (hospices, schools, local branches of national charities and support groups, family assistance services etc) these free tickets were made available – making the company truly outstanding!

Each show is tailored specifically for its target audience. For instance, sensory-sensitive children will have reduced volume and lighting. But no matter their specific needs or sensory tolerance levels, each child can still appreciate a great show experience and be sure to enjoy themselves immensely; research shows this to be particularly true of circus visits for many children.

A day at the circus may seem like just another pleasant distraction to most, but for children living with disabilities or in difficult circumstances it can be life-altering. A visit can increase confidence, social ability and self-esteem while creating an overall sense of belongingness and community involvement.

However, financial and logistical barriers often make it hard for these children to access these experiences. That is why events like Circus Starr are so essential; by attending them these children and their parents can forget their day-to-day struggles and simply enjoy an amazing family outing while creating memories they will carry throughout their lives.

FRONTLINEdance Festival

FRONTLINEdance Festival provides an open forum for artists of d/Deaf, disabled and neurodivergent identities to share their work and connect. This festival will offer performances, workshops and panel discussions. In addition, participants can connect with local arts organisations through our ‘Pitch & Mix’ speed networking session.

This event is pay-as-you-can, with proceeds supporting the work of an organization. To find out more, visit its website.

Dance festivals are not only thrilling and exhilarating; they can also improve your health in numerous ways. Dancing increases circulation, oxygenates your blood supply and releases endorphins which reduce stress while contributing to positive mental health benefits. Furthermore, social interaction and cognitive engagement associated with dancing festivals have the power to positively affect both physical and mental wellbeing.

Empowering Educators – End of Year Celebration

As students plan for summer plans and teachers prepare for summertime plans, it’s essential that educators take some time to reflect upon their successes – not simply in terms of number of students taught or grades earned but in terms of intrinsic satisfaction gained through overcoming obstacles and personal growth achieved.

Empowered educators are more likely to create engaging and inclusive learning environments that improve student outcomes. Empowered teachers encourage their pupils to be curious, engage in lifelong learning opportunities and seize them for bright futures.

To achieve these goals, schools can foster collaborative networking and professional development for their educators. Peer-to-peer learning experiences may take many forms from small study groups within classrooms to district or state-wide convenings and institutes; with each event providing increased engagement, improved teaching practices, and more effective classroom strategies.

One such event held by educators across a school system is the Personalized Learning Institute. Held each summer at a local high school, this event offers sessions on different aspects of personalized learning led by certified facilitators; afterwards educators have an entire day to visit each other’s classrooms and witness first-hand the impact these workshops are having on classroom environments.

After attending an institute, educators can return to their own classrooms and continue implementing what they learned during this experience. Canvas also makes accessing sessions easier so educators can review them at any point in the future if desired. Developing Professional Learning Networks through such experiences could make a dramatic difference in how educators approach working with their students.

One way to empower educators is to empower them with leadership roles in their schools, which can make them more invested in their work and lead them toward becoming leaders within their fields. Teachers given such positions tend to become more invested in their students’ academic progress, improving overall quality and creating a stronger society and economy as a result.

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